Work Sample

Cannibal Galaxy: a love story by Charise Greene

You can view/download the full script, a 10-page sample, or a 30-page sample.

In this magically realistic, dark comedy, the employees of the Washington D.C. Science Museum are confronted with an act of violence. In the aftermath, as they struggle to make sense of the senseless, some connect, some disconnect, and some start to believe in what they cannot see, but all are moved to change in a nation that no longer assures safety or a clearly defined identity.

The Understudy Teaser

The trailer for The Understudy, our premiere production, demonstrates our understanding of the importance of a high quality piece of marketing in order to raise money. For our first Indiegogo campaign, we wanted to stand out and show our future donors that we understood the scope of what we were undertaking. In one afternoon in a borrowed theatre, we captured the essence of the play and created a short, funny, original video to give people a taste of what their investment would yield when fully funded.

The Understudy Full Production

Theresa Rebeck’s The Understudy is an example of how much we were able to accomplish on an extremely limited budget ($7500 inclusive). Such constraints required us to think outside the box for all elements of production, and we are particularly proud of the solution we created with our set designer. The script requires a fully automated set in order to justify much of the action, and since tracks were out of the question due to lack of funds and space backstage, we hid stagehands inside the set pieces to move them smoothly on and offstage thereby creating the illusion of machinery. Our sound designer enhanced these transitions with her aural elements. We proved to ourselves and our audiences that we could create a quality show with truthful storytelling without relying on bells and whistles. Highlights: 1:30:00-1:31:00 // 26:20-33:46 // 1:37:40-1:45:22

Summertime Photos

Craig Hanson Photography

You can view the PDF sample here. We unfortunately don’t have video for our production of Summertime by Charles Mee, but the photos display the transformation of a Gowanus gallery into a bright, fantastical, unique world. It was the loft’s first play, and together we learned how make theatre in a nontraditional space – building curtained dressing rooms (see Photo 1 in PDF), lighting a set without a grid, renting platforms and chairs, etc. With Summertime, we moved to the opposite end of the spectrum from The Understudy in terms of style – from the looming themes of Franz Kafka in a dark, windowless theatre to falling in love in an open, airy space covered in lamps, turf, and balloons descending from the ceiling.