Poster Design: Maria Alcira González; Photo Credit: Chill Mimi via Flickr Creative Commons License


A play by Charles Mee
Directed by Jenn Haltman

May 7-17, 2015
Gowanus Loft
Brooklyn, New York


Surrounded by complicated and chaotic relationships,
Tessa wonders if she’s prepared to fall in love with James -
who is sure he's fallen in love with her. 

In the delightfully whimsical and heightened world of  Summertime,
lovers, family, and friends tempt and
attempt long-lasting romance, forever questioning
whether it’s possible at all.

Love happens. Sometimes.


Expertly directed by Jenn Haltman...Summertime feels less like a performance and more like an evening at your hip friend’s loft in Brooklyn, with everyone basking in the warmth of a shared nostalgia, understanding each other and staying hopeful that eventually it’ll all turn out okay.

The cast is well-assembled and full of energy...The set is magnificently designed by Tim McMath, and the costumes are perfectly calibrated by Kima Baffour. Haltman shows great skill at direction, forging elegant pictures with diagonal staging and nuanced scene work.
— Cory Conley, nytheatre now
It was fantastic. Loved it...Jenn Haltman, lady director, you’re wonderful...The company that put it on is called Between Two Boroughs...definitely see more stuff from them.
— Patty & Emily

Listen to the Patty & Emily podcast here starting at approximately 11:43 minutes. For an abbreviated listen, check out 16:34-19:53.


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(in alphabetical order)
Bob / Gunter — Sergio Mauritz Ang
Frank — Spencer Aste*
James — Josh Doucette*
Natalie / Barbara / Bertha — Sevrin Anne Mason*
Francois — Hubert Point-Du Jour*
Tessa — Becca Schneider
Edmund — Will Shaw*
Mimi / Hilda — Liz Wasser
Maria — Sheilagh Weymouth*

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
Summertime is an Equity Approved Showcase.


Director / Choreographer — Jenn Haltman
Scenic Designer — Tim McMath
Lighting Designer — Drew Florida
Sound Designer — Ien DeNio
Costume Designer — Kima Baffour
Music Consultant — Jerzy Jung
Stage Manager — Rebekah Small*
Production Manager — Tzipora Kaplan
Assistant Director — Alyssa Trombitas
Assistant Stage Manager — Olivia DeSanto
Lead Producer — Becca Schneider
Associate Producer — Christina Pezzello
Creative Director — George Del Barrio